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Integrating all compliance efforts – from compliance with external regulations to compliance with internal rules and procedures

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For any business, having a core finance officer is important. But hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on board is not only difficult, but an expensive task as well- especially for startups and SMEs.
We undertake due diligence on a target company on behalf of the client OR provide support and intelligence for due diligence being undertaken on client.
Firms are unaware of nuance of the issues and can be subjected to intrusive action by regulatory agencies in order to make compliance with various regulatory formalities.
We offer various types of services to the existing business, to resolve present issues and to meet the future challenges with regard to Growth, Expansion, Diversification, Merger & Acquisition
We assists enterprises to raise funds at competitive pricing matching with its funding requirement. We assist enterprise to prepare a comprehensive Information Memorandum (IM)
Management has to take crucial decision to choose between various option available to mobilize funds to meet its day to day working, expansion need.

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